Journey to Baby Bear – Our Story

I have been going back and forth for a long time about starting a blog to document our infertility journey. As you can see, I decided in favor of doing so..

Our Story: My name is Chelsie, 25 years old, married to my best friend, Christopher for just shy of 5 years – October 4th to be exact. We live just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with our 3 furbabies. I work as a Quality Improvement Supervisor and Christopher is a Firefighter/EMT. Our TTC journey began in 2010, and while a paragraph can’t do justice to all the details, I will try to make it as short but informational as I can. We had our first appointment with an RE last fall. I had previously been diagnosed with elevated Prolactin levels. An MRI confirmed that I have a Pituitary Adenoma, which is a brain tumor. The tumor itself is benign, but resides directly on my pituitary gland negating any chance of ovulating naturally. Christopher has been Type 1 Diabetic since he was a year and a half old, and we weren’t sure what that would mean for his swimmers, if given a chance to do their thing. There is much more to my back story, which I am sure I will share a later date and time, but for now we’ll keep it simple. We have visited a couple of clinics over the year, and have finally found a doctor who is able to treat our conditions. While the medical attention he has given us has left us optimistic for the future, he has given us something greater – hope. Hope that one day, in retrospect, the years of trying, months gone by, sleepless nights, tear-soaked pillows, ill side effects from medicines, financial strain, and everything in between will all be worth it.

So, why Baby Bear? Years ago, my husband was at work and his co-worker decided he was big and cuddly – like a teddy bear. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how a nickname starts. To this day, Christopher is known to everyone as Big Bear. Shortly after that, we both joined a co-ed softball team. Wanting to join in on the fun, I decided on the name Little Bear for the back of my jersey. To this day, we are referred to as ‘The Bears’ – and we hope that one day, Baby Bear joins our Den.


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