Another Year Goes By…

Tonight’s entry comes to you as my last in my 25th year – tomorrow I turn the big 2-6!
This past year has been full of some wonderful memories which I will hold forever..

One of the best weeks of the past year was our vacation. I made it back to the Outer Banks (and having only ever been to the beach once, I was so stoked) with my entire family – my husband, mother & father in law, brother & sister in law, niece & nephew. It was a great week and it reaffirmed how blessed I am to have married into such a fantastic family. I cherish the time we got to spend together making beautiful new memories. Days spent at the beach, evenings spent by the pool filled with laughter of little kids, hand being held by the love of my life. Looking back, there are countless memories I could add to this blog, all wonderful – all reiterating how much the Lord has truly blessed my life. Looking back, there are countless memories I could add to this blog, still wonderful – but could be that much more special if we had a little one to share those memories with.

My Family

Outer Banks Sunset June 2013

Outer Banks Sunset June 2013

I didn’t think it would take us over 3 years to start our family, and I certainly didn’t think we’d have gone through as many tests, and tried as many treatments as we have up to this point. However, as I continue to grow older and further into our venture of having a family, I find myself making it a point to appreciate the ‘little things’ that much more. I continue to try to remember that I already have a pretty sweet life, and I try to not let our TTC journey consume and overshadow. I don’t want to miss out on a life already worth living & loving. We already have a lot to look forward to over the next 365 days – including another family vacation back to the OBX. I am looking forward to my 26th year – spending it with my best friend and our 3 furbabies – and of course continuing to take strides in welcoming Baby Bear into our lives..


One thought on “Another Year Goes By…

  1. I turned 26 this year as well. All I could think was this was the third birthday I have celebrated with no baby 😦 sounds like you are doing good trying to appreciate the little things.

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