Labor Day Weekend 2013

Labor Day Weekend is upon us! The weekend started Friday with my 26th birthday!

My husband surprised me at work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (picture below) and a small bag of Famous Amos cookies (chocolate chip) – my favorite! The rest of the day at work progressed nicely and in the evening I had visits from both my Mom and Mom & Dad in law. We enjoyed the beautiful summer evening by sitting on our porch amid candlelight, with the peaceful sound of our waterfalls in the background, and chatted the evening away. Family time has always been important to me, but now more than ever I cherish time with them even if it is just for an hour or two.


Saturday morning I woke up early and accompanied my best friend and her baby shower party to the Boat House and prepared to set up for her shower. I wasn’t sure how my emotions would fare during the day. I was nervous that I would be overcome with sadness being around all things baby. I was scared that I would say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I was hesitant about even going. But I had to go. This girl has been my best friend for years. I met her shortly after I began dating my husband. Our husbands grew up together and are very close. She and I grew just as close over the months. As we moved further and further into our journey against infertility, we bonded with them in a way our other friend couples couldn’t understand. They were going through the exact same thing. They tried treatment after treatment, procedure after procedure, year after year. Finally one evening over dinner they blurted out their news. They were finally expecting! I remember that night once we got home I laid in my bed with the door closed under the blankets in the safe confinement of my bed and cried. I cried until I couldn’t, until all the hurt was seemingly washed away. The next day my husband said something to me that I will forever be grateful for. Our conversation gingerly crept up on the topic of the news from the previous evening. Now, up until this point, I had always had a tendency to pull away from people once they told us their news. I quietly excused myself from their lives and their events. I didn’t want to be around them. However, I knew in my heart I could not do that in this particular situation. My husband reaffirmed that we would not let this affect our friendship, that of anyone that we knew they deserved it. They beat infertility, and we would carry on this journey with them, supporting them, and preparing to love our new ‘niece or nephew’ later this year. I resented the decision that he made for the both of us. Looking back now, it was him being strong for the both of us when he knew I couldn’t be. Looking back now, he was so right. As yesterday went on, I prayed for peace to wash over me, to enjoy and celebrate like I should. And you know what, it did. I watched my dear friend share her shower with her closest friends and family. She was showered with gifts and love as they prepare to welcome their little girl in just 4 more weeks. Later yesterday evening I opened the gift and thank you card that she gave me for my efforts in planning her day. The card was beautiful, it made me cry by the end of the 3rd sentence.. and the tears kept coming as I kept reading. The words were simple, but so powerful. She recognized my struggle throughout the process, and appreciated my friendship – that I didn’t give up on her. I stayed by her side, sharing in her day, planning for, preparing for, and helping to give her the shower she longed for. Her closing paragraph is one I choose to share with you – although paraphrasing – you’ll get the point.. ‘God is going to reward your patience. I am an example of God’s answer to prayers – in His time though, not ours. I want you to look at us as an example of God’s awesome work. It’s true, in His time He will provide.’ She referred me to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

I thank the Lord for giving me peace in my heart yesterday. It wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Watching the love and laughter she shared in – that she so long awaited gives me hope. Our Lord is so good, and until our time comes, I look forward to spoiling my little ‘niece’ that will soon be here.

Lovin' on Baby Shane


3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend 2013

  1. Happy birthday! I know it wasn’t easy to be there for your friend, but someday it will be your turn. What a blessing to have a close friend who has been there and knows your struggle!

    • Chelsie says:

      Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

      You’re right it wasn’t easy, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t have traded it at all. She is a blessing for sure, and I have faith that one day it will be our turn to share good news with them! It’s helpful to us that they are sensitive to our situation because not that long ago they were in our shoes.

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