In Good Company, Sharing Common Ties

Saturday nights or Sunday mornings my husband and I get ready, head to the car, and make the nice quiet drive to church. Recently we’ve made more of an effort to get involved and have even signed up for a small group Bible study starting in a couple of weeks. With each service that goes by I find myself being called to pay more attention to the music and message that is delivered to us. Three weeks in a row I have found myself in tears at some point of the service, whether it’s during the songs that we sing (amazing band) or during the message that Pastor gives (amazing Pastor) – something has hit me each week that has left me in tears. Each time that happens, I sit there and think “That’s you speaking right to me, isn’t it, Lord?” I have been making it a point to read my Bible more often – even if it’s just before bed.

As I was doing my Bible reading over the last several days, it occurred to me that there are a lot of women who suffered from infertility – yet these women were not forgotten by God. And they eventually were given a child in God’s perfect timing.

Examples of Barren Couples Having Children: Jacob & Rachel, Abraham & Sarah, Zechariah & Elizabeth
Promises of Children: Psalm 128:3, Exodus 23:26, Samuel 1:27 & Psalm 113:9 (my personal favorite)
People Who Waited: Joseph, Abraham, Moses, Jesus

I long for the day that God will give the Blessing that we so desperately desire. But I wait, knowing that my struggle with infertility is only a small part of something bigger going on. I draw hope from the stories of the barren women in Scripture — because they show that God is always on the move with something bigger than our pain sometimes overshadows..


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