5 Years & Counting

Friday night Christopher and I celebrated our 5 year Anniversary! It was a beautiful evening spent between the two of us. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant – the Bella Vista followed up with a nice stroll to Mt. Washington to enjoy the city’s perfect skyline.



Looking back over the years there have been many obstacles placed in our paths, and having looked back at them now, I know that there isn’t anyone else I’d rather have by my side to face life with. No matter what we are facing, we figure it out.. we get through it. We find a way, where others might give up, we choose not to. It’s not always easy – in fact much of these last 12 months have felt relentless. One thing after another just keeps coming.

I wish I could explain to you the emotions that tie into this journey. I wish I could explain to you roller coaster ride that is every month for us. For you to understand what I put my body through week after week in hopes of conceiving. The financial struggle that we sometimes face – that almost always ties into what our next move is going to be. Personally I think it’s ridiculous that Pennsylvania does not require any form of coverage for infertility. Furthermore I think it’s absurd that money is the key factor in fighting infertility. But maybe it’s better that I can’t. Maybe that’s not part of the story for you to understand. I am however, beyond grateful that my husband understands. He let’s me cry when I need to – which is pretty much daily. He let’s me be angry, holds my hair back when I’m sick, grabs the heating pad when the cramps have reduced me to the fetal position on the couch, comes to my appointments when I don’t want to face another let down by myself, holds my hand, gives me that shoulder to cry on – or puts his arm around me to let me know I am not alone.

Hopefully in time, when I look back over this part of our journey, it will just have been another obstacle that was placed in our path that we faced, and overcame. Together.

I don’t know what our 6th year of marriage has in store for us, I am anxious to see the roads that God allows us to travel on these next 365 days – and I am thankful that He placed Christopher by my side to share it all with.

“Thank You For Loving Me”



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