New Office. New Doctor. New Hope.

Yesterday Christopher and I met with our new doctor. She was nothing of what I expected, and I mean that in a good way.

My appointment was at 9:00. By 9:10 I had already been checked in, blood drawn, photo ID created, and was seated in the consultation room alongside my husband to talk with the doctor. Over the next hour and ten minutes we talked in depth about our past medical history and reviewed test result after test result. I felt like no stone was left unturned. She assured us that all of the previous tests that we had done showed no signs of problems or undiagnosed issues. Secretly I have wondered about a couple of things for a while now, but yesterday answers were given. First: Christopher’s first SA was completed nearly 2 years ago in December. The doctor we were with at that time told us that his numbers weren’t great, but they were acceptable, and no treatment was ever given. He repeated the test again last fall and we were told the same. Finally, just a few months ago, he completed one final SA. The doctor told us everything looked great -especially with his underlying conidtion. Secondly, I had always wondered about me. Does everything work okay, or was I misdiagnosed along the way. Again, test after test were reviewed – and aside from my tumor – all looks good. Praise God! We then were greeted with our Patient Coordinator who was the absolute sweetest lady you could imagine. She came in and broke down for us what we can expect over the next 30-45 days, and what the doctor believes the best course of action will be..

First, our RE believes that my brain tumor is not being treated as aggresively as it could be. She wants to see a repeat MRI which I have already scheduled for Saturday morning. Once we have the results from that, as well as the multiple tubes of blood that were drawn yesterday, we will regroup and form a game plan. Additionally, on certain days of this cycle, I will have more blood drawn as well as follie checks. The tentative game plan is Femara combined with an Ovidrel injection when my follies are mature enough – as well as continued treatment of the pituitary adenoma with the Bromocriptine.

As soon as we got in the car Christopher and I breathed a sigh of relief. For the first time in a long time, I felt like we are exactly where we are supposed to be. My prayers over the last week or so have been in asking God to help point us in the right direction that we are to go, and to be at peace with where we are at in this journey. I also asked for God to give the doctors the knowledge to formulate the treatment plan that we need. Before now, all other doctors focused all other factors, except my tumor. Christopher and I have had many conversations over the last couple of years surrounding this. Any time we would talk about treatment, Christopher would tell me that after he prayed he kept coming back to the tumor – something about it wasn’t being done or that is where the main problem lies. I always had a tendency to shrug it off, but secretly I had the same gut feeling. Truth be told I never wanted to be ‘the issue’ – I guess I always felt like if it was me then I would be the reason that we hadn’t had any luck having a family. As we reviewed our plans with the doctor, she comforted us by saying that ‘she feels confident that this is very treatable’ and what she called ‘one of the easiest fixes to deal with’ surrounding infertility. I finally feel confident, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be – and I cannot wait for the good things to come.


2 thoughts on “New Office. New Doctor. New Hope.

  1. jonsie13 says:

    Congratulations to you! Finding a Dr, especailly an RE who you can put all of your trust in is not an easy task. But it is the most important thing in this whole journey (I believe.) Good luck to you! I will be saying prayers.

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