2014 Miracle List

“Nothing is impossible with God.”
{Luke 1:37}

Since ALL of our prayers for miracles this past year were answered, it is time to make a new list for the new year. We serve a powerful God, who asks that we approach His throne boldly. Every good gift comes from Him {James 1:17} – we simply must ask in faith and understand that His answer is best.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
{Mark 11:24}

So, here is our list for 2014:

•For Baby Bear – we prayed for this last year too, but God’s answer to us seemed to be for us just to wait… it is our prayer that God continues to prepare our hearts { even as we wait, and yes – even in during the hardest of times } for what will undoubtedly be the greatest Miracle in our lives.
•For Christopher & I to continue to maintain our health. We are both beyond grateful that my brain tumor has shown no growth and that his diabetes has had no negative impact on him or our lives.
•For God to bring an outlet of ministry into my life so that I can be effective for His Kingdom.

I also want to say that we do often pray for others. We just do not include specific miracles for them on our list. We do not know their situations or circumstances well enough to pray such specific things over their lives, and even when we do, I would never post them here. But Christopher and I pray for our parents, family and friends each and every day.

We are praying confidently, believing in a God who can do far greater things than we could ever ask for. I am praying especially hard for #1 on our list, as we were hoping that would have happened in 2013.

And as for my 2014 Resolutions:


I plan to incorporate a post related to each item I check off my Resolution List when they are completed, and maybe that will help me be more diligent about completing them.

Finally I plan to start something new that I was inspired by my friend Chelsea over at Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby is a 2014 Photo-A-Day Gratitude Album. { You can read her blog here: http://trialsbringjoy.wordpress.com/ } I stumbled upon her posts and couldn’t help but to take the time to sift through each post, so beautifully done. The point of the whole thing is to find one thing each day that you are grateful for – no matter how big or small – to help take the focus of life’s problems and to prevent negative spirals.

“Give thanks always and for everything.”
{Ephesians 5:20}


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