What’s Next…

Yesterday Christopher and I met with our Doctor and staff at RHS for a follow up to all the testing that we’ve had done over the last 6-8 weeks. Our appointment time was at 2:30. By ten after three, our RE still hadn’t been in to meet with us. If you’ve met me for more than 5 minutes, you know how impatient I am – true story. I started getting antsy, my mind started racing. Maybe there was a problem with one of our tests results that came back? Maybe they read the images wrong from my last MRI? Maybe I just needed to calm down..?

At 3:22 our Doctor walked in the room – and the first words out of her mouth were in the form of an apology. She realized that she was nearly an hour behind but she went on to tell us that her last patient needed ‘a little bit extra TLC today’ .. instantly my irrational thinking subsided as I remembered back to my very first appointment with the clinic. We met with her and her staff for well over 2 hours total – I was that patient that needed the extra TLC on that particular day – and what’s more – it struck me in a way to realize that we had found a clinic that offered that – and treated people with the care and compassion that they need.

Trust me, these appointments aren’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s the physical pain that ensues, others it’s the emotional heartbreak .. and sometimes – like ours was yesterday – was merely playing with my thoughts. But, having endured all of that – you get to bear witness to a couple walking out of the office while we waited – with tears of joy streaming down their faces – thanking God for the great news they had received just minutes before.

So as we me with our Doctor, she reviewed – in great detail – every single lab that had been drawn, the results of my last ultrasound(s), and the imaging and results of my double MRI in early December. (Warning) If you’re not into reading all the medical terminology and are satisfied in knowing that everything came back normal – I urge you to jump to the next paragraph – if not, read on. First my blood work, all 19 vials of blood that were collected in the month of December: the following tests were ran: LH, FSH, TSH, Estradiol, Serum Progesterone, Prolactin, Free T3, Free Thyroxine (T4), Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, DHEAS and Androgen. Everything looked ‘perfect’ and she was ‘very satisfied to see the numbers in the ranges that they were’ – except for my Prolactin level. But that was no surprise for me. In December, mine was at 118. Ideal numbers are between 4-23. Up next: review of my ultrasounds.. I had 2 abdominal and 2 follicle scans. (Remember way waaaay back when I first started blogging I told you that I had some other issues that would come up in posts eventually..? Well, this is that time.) For me to have successfully had not 1, but 2 follicle ultrasounds done was a HUGE accomplishment for me. HUGE. We even celebrated. For years, I have been scared of any type of routine exam. I never knew why until about 2 years ago. Over dinner one evening, my Mom finally broke down and told me some things that had occurred in my childhood. I don’t remember any of it, but this reaction is more of the psychological effects that I never understood until then. Couple the whole infertility deal that we have been dealing with, add in this fear that I possessed – and you have the makings of a long journey. But I finally did it. I overcame my fears. I made up my mind that I wanted Baby Bear more than my past and fears could restrain me. Probably insignificant to most people, but not to us. The results, everything was great.. open tubes, no cysts, and follicles! Finally, the MRI results. In early December I spent nearly 2 1/2 hours in an enclosed MRI machine while they ran tests with and without contrast. My tumor is still there, but has shown no growth since last comparison in 2012. The physicians all agreed that this is still very much treatable with medicine, and within 4-6 months they would expect to see my Prolactin levels drop within the ideal range. Praise God! All of this is great news!!

So we formulated a Game Plan: We are going to aggressively treat the tumor with Bromocriptine, increasing dosage every 21-28 days and monitor my Prolactin levels. We will add in Femara 5mg CD 3-7 next month and monitor with blood work and ultrasounds for follicles, and hopefully (fingers crossed) ovulation. One of the things that our RE had to warn us about was the increased risk of multiples with adding Femara in to our treatments. Our response “If that’s what God wants to bless us with, we’d be elated..” Both our doctor and her coordinator felt very confident with this plan, and indicated that they have seen many successes in cases similar to ours that they have treated over the years.



5 thoughts on “What’s Next…

    • Caroline, thanks for the kind words – we are hopeful.

      What course of treatment are you doing for your tumor? I was first diagnosed in April of 2010 so it’s been a few years of trial and error with different medicines for me so far..

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