” Just Not Fair “

Last night I dove into a new book and today I finished it. It was that good of a read. The book is the latest from Jennifer Rothschild called “God Is Just Not Fair” – the preview on the front cover says “Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense”

God Is Just Not Fair  - A Must Read

God Is Just Not Fair – A Must Read

Just. Not. Fair. As I posted about a couple of days ago, there is a lot that has gone on in recent weeks and I currently am faced with a great deal to try and manage. I’m in a time in my life where I feel like my work is truly overwhelming me and expectations are high. I am trying to help my husband manage his new business and adjust to a drastic change in our lifestyle. We are focused more on managing his health now more than we ever have and have put our Journey to Baby Bear on hold all the while still having to navigate the in’s and out’s of every day life. If I sound like I’m teetering on the edge of complaining, I’m not. I’m simply stating that I am struggling with all that life has thrown at me lately.

So having said all of that, I found it beyond comforting when I read these words in my book:

I know you are struggling. I can hear those doubts tossing around in your mind. You’re wondering if I still care about you, if I am even aware of your daily frustrations and discouragements. You feel as though the trials you are going through don’t matter to me and you question if I even hear your prayers. I know you can’t see it now, but these trials have purpose.

I don’t want your pain to leave scars, but beauty marks the whole world will see. You may not always understand my ways or why I choose to accomplish my perfect plan in a way that seems so imperfect to you, but you can trust me. I know you are weary child, but don’t give up on Me or your faith in Me. I will show you how I can take what is broken in you and rebuild it. Let me reveal how I can give you a greater sense of peace through every storm you face. I want you to see the truth of who I really am and free you from any misunderstandings about Me. If you will trust Me, you will experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache.

Child, you were never meant to navigate life alone. I want to be your constant companion on this journey. Will you come close to me and let me wrap you in my strength? I will reveal myself to you and give you hope; I will be the hope you need when your life doesn’t make sense. I know my ways are confusing and often it seems I am just not fair. But, look to me, let me love you through the questions you have and you will discover that I am just. My ways are perfect and my every action or seeming inaction is because I am just… not fair.

Your Father God

I have found myself feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders over the last couple of months and here it is in black and white – literally – the reminder that I needed to hear. That I am not meant to navigate this life alone, and that even though weary, not to give up on my faith in Him. I’ve learned that God uses difficult times to mold us to become more like Him. When life flows smoothly, it’s tempting to go at it on our own. But when it is difficult, it is our reminder to run to the One who has the power we need to respond to life His way. As we do, our faith and level of perseverance will increase, which prepares us for the next struggle. All the while, we are becoming more like Him.

Scripture tells us when we look at our trials as instruments of training and learn from them, we will come out mature and complete. We’ll be stronger than we were before — ready for all that God has ahead for us.

I absolutely love when He uses life to teach you lessons and intervenes with a message from Him when you need it most.


6 thoughts on “” Just Not Fair “

  1. Kelly says:

    I love that bookstore!! Just started going there. I love that you post how you are feeling and keep us all updated because not only is God there for you but all of us who are supporters in your journey to baby bear. Lean on all of the people He placed in your life and youll see what I mean when everything does turn around and you get pregnant you’ll be so happy you shared your deepest thoughts for those of us that care about you because you are never alone. He is paving a path for you that you will soon look back on and marvel at. Keep your heart and worries to Him and you can not go wrong. Love ya

    • Caroline! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; my work week has been a bit hectic.
      Please let me know what you think of the book! I thought that there was so SO much information that was pertinent and useful. I hope that you enjoy it yourself! 🙂

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