Early Morning Thoughts

Morning is the time I cherish most of the whole day… it always has been. The hour in the morning between when I wake up and when I go to work is my one hour to simply be quiet; to walk the pups, to whisper my prayers to God, to listen to Him, and to prepare myself for the day ahead. If I do not include at least a few moments with God in my morning, the rest of my day is affected by my lack of attention and awareness toward Him. When I let my mind race and wander, I become anxious about the day, the week or even the month ahead. When my morning with God is interrupted and I go through the entire day without having spent my morning with Jesus, without ever having those few precious moments that keep me centered, everything about my day is off.

Today's sunrise view from our Porch

Today’s sunrise view from our Porch

We have so many choices nowadays… choices regarding how and where to spend our time, our energy, our money. There are easily 15 different restaurants to choose from for dinner just within our town. I have four different kinds of hot tea in the kitchen that I could make. There are four books on my nightstand for me to pick from each evening. We have hundreds of TV channels… the list could go on for ages. Of all the choices we make in life, choosing Jesus is the most important. Not only in times of trial, or in times of need, but in times of blessing and harvest. When will we learn to choose Jesus over fear and worry?

The last couple of days have been terrible for me. I have let my mind race and wander and I’ve become anxious about anything and everything. Lately I’ve been wresting with the entire notion of not ever having children and whether I have what it takes to pursue my dream of being a Mother – if that is what God wants for my life. The more I lift up in prayer the struggles that I am carrying, the heavier they have become. I can’t decide if I’m allowing myself to fall way to the seeds that the devil has planted making me doubt my hope for the future – or whether I am really trying to find peace with it just being Chris and I rescuing doggies to love for the rest of our lives. I don’t know what the answer is – I wish I did, but ultimately it needs to be within me to follow what it is that God has in store for my life without worrying or being anxious.

So instead of continuing this awful trend of anxiousness and worry, I am choosing Jesus this morning. I am choosing today not to worry about Christopher’s and my future, but to trust Him with it instead. I want my husband to see me choose Jesus. One day, I hope that my children to see me choose Jesus, and I want Him to leak out of everything that I say and do. I want my heart to store up the good things of Christ. In want and in plenty, in joy and in sorrow, in the busy movements of life, and in the still moments, in life and in death, I choose Jesus. In times of uncertainly, my heart can be certain – for if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. {Romans 8:25} I want my heart to be still in the presence of the King so that my words and actions can follow.



4 thoughts on “Early Morning Thoughts

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow I think I needed that reminder today too!! You are such a Christ follower and you inspire so many people even when you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. I all to often think of how I felt when I read your blogs and I can’t help but always want to respond back to you with hope for I was in your shoes and those 6 years were undoubtedly the hardest years of our lives but it made our marriage even stronger and my faith even stronger. I too feared that His plan may be for me not to have my own and I was struggling with accepting that so I get it completely. My heart goes out to you both so much just know that He always hears your prayers He feels ever tear and wants what’s best for you both and loves you unconditionally. He is working His magic in both of you and is surrounding you with the tools and people you will need to be great parents. Love you

    • You truly have no idea what you do for me, Kelly.. you keep me going. It’s comforting in a way to me to know that out of your darkest times, here we are at this point in our lives preparing to celebrate the dedication of your twins this weekend. Do you know what that does to my heart?! Awesome things – for sure. Thanks for always sharing your words of encouragement and hope.. love you too!

  2. Love this – choosing Jesus is the only good option we have! What a beautiful reminder and so encouraging to hear you give Him the first of your days!!

  3. “I am choosing Jesus this morning.” So perfect. It IS a choice and we have the option to trust Him or try to trust our “plans”. I am so encouraged by your words Chelsie! XOX!

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