Thankful Thursdays

It’s Thursday. And if your week has been anything like mine, you are beyond ready for the weekend to get here. I’ve watched quietly from the sidelines as friends and family have posted the current hardships that they are dealing with in life on, or read about the newest mountain needing to be climbed on some of my favorite blogs. No matter what the situation, this week just seems as if it’s been relentless for everyone..

During my drive into work this morning, I thought about everything that was left undone on my desk from yesterday. I thought about the overtime that we are undoubtedly working this weekend. I thought about the things I’ve been neglecting at home needing addressed. I thought about a lot of different things in such a short timeframe that just didn’t go as planned this week. In my own heart and mind, I did nothing but complain. I felt myself being brought down already – and it wasn’t even 7a.m. yet. I made a conscious decision right then and there that I would find something to be thankful for. Big or little – it didn’t have to be anything crazy – but I refused to let my day start in such a manner that the rest of my day would decline based on my attitude.

One of my favorite bloggers Chelsea over at Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby writes a segment every week called “Friday Favorites” – and I absolutely LOVE it! She encompasses her favorites from the week: moments, quotes, recipes, jokes – you name it – it’s there. And it’s such a bright note to end the week on!

She has inspired me – to start “Thankful Thursdays” – time willing I will post every Thursday a few things that I am thankful for from the week.
I plan to share the link to this blog on my Facebook page encouraging my friends and family to tell me something that has happened in the past week that they are thankful for as well.

I hope that this encourages people to find something in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives to be appreciative of – even if you’re having a week like mine.

So without further adieu, here are a few things I am thankful for:

– being able to spend some time with my husband this week after he worked some crazy hours last week in order to finish a contracting job

– being able to purchase tickets to see for King & Country at our church this September

– being able to get approval for my husband’s insulin and supplies; my health insurance changed through work and effective July 1st, the brand of insulin he was on was going to be considered non-formulary as well as supplies for his insulin pump. Since this is the brand and type that has worked the best with him and his insulin pump, I was stressed beyond the max at the thought of him regressing to a syringe and different insulin. Finally after 4 weeks of fighting, with the help of our MD office – approval! Thanks to that approval, it turned a $1950 copay into just $50 as well as peace of mind that his way of life and health will not suffer by backtracking to control methods that proved unsuccessful

no reason not to be!

no reason not to be!

It might not sound like much, but those things have been enough to help me look on the bright side of things this week.

What are your moments for Thankful Thursday?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Loved this! Feel free to link to my blog too if you want! 😉 Can’t wait to follow along to your Thankful Thursday posts! And simple one for me right now – Yogi Bedtime tea …. Mmm, so relaxing! Xoxox!

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