An Open Letter to the Mom at the Store…

Last evening I had some errands to run so after dinner I hopped in the car and away I went. After everything was done, I decided to run into the local craft store and take a look around all the fall decorations that adorned their windows and aisles. {…because even thought it’s only the first week of September, my house will be full on fall decorated by the end of the weekend}

Gazing up and down aisle ways, I overheard giggles coming from a few rows back, but they weren’t the obnoxious over-the-top loudness of the teenage lifestyle. Instead, they were soft and sweet, playful and innocent. I smiled to myself and went about my business. As I rounded the corner into the next row of fall festiveness, it shared the aisle with some miscellaneous clearance items. All decked out in a princess costume, complete with tiara, she was talking to her mother as if they were royalty. Walking around with her head held high, tiara glistening from the sunlight shining through the storefront, her eyes were lit up and smile was contagious.. all I could do was stare. They seemed to be having the best time just enjoying the simplicity that her Halloween costume offered. After what felt like eternity, I caught myself and quickly acted as though I was scanning for the perfect fall wreath for our front door. I politely smiled at the princess as I passed her; I looked to her mother and said “have fun!” to which she replied “I just want her to pick one already; there are so many other errands to run tonight..” I smiled empathetically at her and I hurried out the door to my car. When I got to my car, I sat there waiting for the tears to start falling. Instead, I just smiled.

Had I been thinking, I would have said the following:

I hope that you recognize that you are doing more than just entertaining your daughter by playing dress-up; you are creating memories that you will cherish years from now, even if you don’t realize it at this very moment. I’m sure that there are a thousand other things that are seemingly more pressing like the errands you may have to run, the groceries that need bought, the bills that you have to write, or the laundry that’s piled up waiting to be done – but please don’t rush through this (in)significant moment in order to get to those things. They can wait, there will be time later for those things. But your daughter won’t always be this little – be grateful for even the simplest of times with her, even if it’s just at the local craft store letting her dress up like a princess in preparation for Halloween. How I long to be in your shoes.. please enjoy their childhood and not let it slip by because of some other errands that need to be done.


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Mom at the Store…

  1. Kelly says:

    Well I don’t have to tell you cuz you know I totally agree with this! Often I get myself caught up with cleaning double the bottles after I get home from work and double the laundry and a house that is never clean and I go…this can wait and enjoy them the two little sweet angels I’ve waited and dreamed for my whole life. I think that if you’ve gone thru what we have you really gain the greatest gifts of all. Had I not gone through multiple miscarriages and infertility for 7 years I think I would’ve been caught up in errands like what you witnessed. It is so true how you look at it and why that approach is the way to look at it. And even if we explained it to others who haven’t gone thru it they wouldn’t understand and would probably think nothing of what they are doing and wed cone off as rude. That’s a shame though those kids deserve full attention. Everything else can wait. Bless your lil heart my dear. Love ya!

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