Seasons Change

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, I love everything about it.

The temperatures start cooling off.
Long sleeves and hoodies come out of the closet.
Almost everything involves pumpkin.
The leaves begin to change into the most beautiful colors.
Evenings are spent with the windows open, feeling the chilled breeze under a blanket – or sometimes in my case – puppies.

It seems like everything slows down just a little as autumn arrives, and I can just take a much-needed breath before the craziness of the holidays begin.

This year as I’ve watched the leaves outside our home change color and begin to fall, it has reminded me that nothing in this world lasts forever.

This is my favorite season. Winter, Spring or Summer may be yours… but none of them stick around.
Seasons change, and that’s the way God intended it to be.

As much as I love Autumn and everything it brings, I’m thankful for the other seasons as well:
I love the quiet snows of Winter. Everything is perfect and without flaw under a blanket of fresh white snow.
I love the blooming flowers, new life, and warmth of Spring. New life is finding it’s way into the world.
I love the sunshine, smell of the salty ocean just before we cross over the Orgeon Inlet Bridge on our way to vacation with our family in the Summer.

One season gives way to another just as it has since God spoke this world into existence.
We need the changing seasons.
There could be no Autumn with its beautiful colors without the leaves budding out in Spring.
Though one may be more enjoyable to us than another, they’re all necessary.

It’s the same with circumstances in our lives.

There seem to be times of calm and times of chaos, times of peace and times of turmoil, times of laughter and times of tears….
But they never last forever.

Sure, some are more enjoyable than others, but they each serve a purpose.
We couldn’t enjoy and appreciate the calm, peace, and laughter without the chaos, turmoil, and tears.

You may be in a pleasant season right now.
If so, soak it up, and be sure you thank God for it. Enjoy it. Every. Single. Moment.

You may be like me and find yourself in a season of waiting and uncertainty.
You know it’s necessary, but you’re enduring rather than enjoying it. If so, don’t give up.
Thank God for it and trust Him to bring you through it.

You’ll come out the other side and be able to adequately appreciate and enjoy your “Spring” because you’ve just endured your “Winter.”

No matter where you find yourself today, I encourage you to look back at the faithfulness of God and look forward to the promises of God.


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