Celebrating Six Years

This past Saturday Christopher and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary!


Looking back over the years there have been many obstacles placed in our paths, and having looked back at them now, I know that there isn’t anyone else I’d rather have by my side to face life with. No matter what we are facing, we figure it out.. we get through it. We find a way, where others might give up, we choose not to. It’s not always easy – in fact much of these last 12 months have felt relentless. One thing after another just keeps coming. Hopefully in time, when I look back over this part of our journey, it will just have been another obstacle that was placed in our path that we faced, and overcame. Together.

So, Saturday we woke up early, went to breakfast with Mom & Dad and hit the road. We drove through the scenic countryside over to Benezette, Pa to see if we could catch a glimpse of the PA Elk Herd. The colors of autumn were spectacular!!

Benezette Overlook View

Benezette Overlook View

We managed to catch a glimpse of about ten elk total – here are the two best pictures I got with my phone. We came across a group of five in the woods while we were sightseeing and to hear them bugle in the wild was definitely something I’ll remember.



Oh! And here’s us at the Benezette Visitor’s Center

Benezette Visitor's Center

Benezette Visitor’s Center

On the drive home, we stopped at our traditional ice-cream place to finish off the day. During our stop, I spied this little guy and thought nothing was more appropriate for us at this stage of the journey..


I don’t know what the next year of marriage has in store for us, I am anxious to see the roads that God allows us to travel on these next 365 days – and I am thankful that He placed Christopher by my side to share it all with.


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