2014 Miracle List Recap

I realized when I sat down to my laptop this evening that it’s been well over a month since I last wrote. It wasn’t intentional, but I fell victim to the hustle and bustle that the Christmas Season brings – even after I said to myself that I wouldn’t. On December 31st last year, I sat down and wrote an entry entitled “2014 Miracle List” which detailed what I would be trusting God for in the past year. As I sit here this evening typing, I am grateful to be able to say that all of our prayers this past year were answered.

Here’s what I prayed for on my 2014 Miracle List:

• For God to bring an outlet of ministry into my life so that I can be effective for His Kingdom

We’ve attended our church for awhile now and I’ve gone back and forth on what I wanted to be a part of there. For a long time I wanted to try out for our worship team, but I never quite gathered the courage to do it. Christopher and I served for the last year or so as greeters before and after the services. I knew that I wanted to be involved on a deeper level, I just couldn’t figure out where. On October 30th I was given the opportunity to take the position of Director of Photography at our church, Amplify. This encompasses two things I love very much: photography, but more importantly – serving Jesus. I am beyond humbled to have received this opportunity and excited to build my team to further spread His name.

• For Christopher & I to continue to maintain our health

Earlier this year, I had a repeat MRI to check on the prominence of my pituitary adenoma. The results showed that there continues to be no growth or additional critical effects. We’ve continued to monitor the tumor and thanks to the Almighty Father there continues to be no negative news to report. In June we attempted to get Christopher a new insulin pump but were declined from our insurance carrier. For us to buy the new pump outright it would’ve been approximately $7400.00 and at that time, there wasn’t any type of payment plan available. Let’s face it – we didn’t have a spare seven thousand laying around. In the middle November, I received a call from a number that I didn’t know, nor have saved to my phone. I wasn’t going to answer it, but something in my gut told me to. It was the manufacturer for Chris’s insulin pump and supplies telling me that with the tiers that we have recently surpassed in our plan that Chris would be eligible to try again with our insurance plan to obtain this new pump and monitoring system. To spare you the rest of the month and a half long details, his new pump arrived last Tuesday and while there was some out of pocket cost for it, we are fortunate enough to have been able to afford it and I am excited to see more of an improvement in his lifestyle with this new pump and continuous monitoring feature.

• For Baby Bear

We have prayed for this Miracle for the last several years and God’s answer to us continues to be for us to wait. God has sure tested our faith and strengthened our hearts in this past year, but we believe faith in Him includes faith in His timing. I haven’t been to the RE in nearly 6 months and we are eager to get back to formulating a plan at our visit in January. I believe that good things are in store for the upcoming year.

As I sit here reflecting on everything that we have been blessed with this year, I am reminded of God’s miracle working power. If I was writing this post more than 2 years ago, and you would have told me that our prayers would be answered with still no Baby Bear, then I would have scoffed and said that wouldn’t be the answer of a God who hears me. However, I’ve grown enough in my faith to realize that the answers that we’ve been given may not be what we want – but I am certain they are the answers that we need.



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