God is Faithful.

This morning on my way into work I streamed a podcast from Judah Smith. I had the privilege of watching him speak live at my church last November. I’ve been in church for a long time, but I never knew Jesus like he talked about Him. So. Good.

My drive is about 35 minutes long – perfect length to stream a message and listen in. I hit shuffle and a podcast played at random. I will admit that I zoned out here and there to pay attention to the icy patches on the road and maneuver the snowdrifts but that I tuned back in when I heard him say “God is faithful.”

I didn’t hear what he said after that, and I can’t really remember what he was saying before that. Because I stopped on God. Is. Faithful.

There is little that makes sense to me about our infertility struggle. There is zero doubt in my heart and mind that we wouldn’t make good parents .. no – great parents .. appreciative parents. That we wouldn’t do anything for the sake of our child. There is just so much that resonates unfairness to what we’ve been dealt.

But in the middle of that space, I found myself uttering softy, slowly, reverently, almost like a prayer I finally found the words to, “God is faithful. God is faithful. God. is. faithful.” Like if I said it enough times, my heart would believe it to be true.

There’s something that shifts when we just lift our chin a little. Our perspective is altered because our eyes tip just slightly upward. And that slight shift from downcast to uplifted redirects the heart. And that changes everything.

God is faithful. He is faithful when I am not. He is faithful when others hurt me or when I hurt others. He is faithful in my mistakes. He is faithful to be unshakeable when all my world is in upheaval. He is faithful.

He does not let me down. He does not make promises and not keep them. He does not disappoint. He does not keep records of my wrongs. He does not lead me down roads and then abandon me. He does not allow hard things without giving me what I need to move forward. He does not leave us to wander aimlessly in our hurt or in our grief. He is faithful.


“And in all that faithfulness, lay ribbons of hope we can cling to and rivers of grace we can drink from and oceans of mercy we can swim in.”

Today, He is faithful to give me what I need to traverse the hard and rocky road I seem to be on today.

Today, God asks that I trust him one step, one moment, one day at a time. And trust that tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.


Because God is faithful. Always.

{ If you are interested in listening to podcasts from Judah Smith – check him out here: http://thecity.org/media }


4 thoughts on “God is Faithful.

  1. Katie says:

    I had a similar experience. Last mothers day I was sitting in church with my husband knowing it was going to be a hard day. The homily began and I felt like the Father was speaking directly to me. It was all about having faith in God and patience, he will answer our prayers in his own time. Till then we must be faithful and trusting in God. Well needless to say I was a pile of tears by the time the messages ended and had to go to the bathroom to pull myself together. However, as I sit here and type this I am 28 weeks pregnant and many times I thank God for my journey because it taught my husband and I so much about ourselves and it brought me closer to God which is priceless.

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