I’m Back

When I sat down at my computer several nights ago, I opened an email from someone asking “Where have you been? Your blog has grown SO quiet!” And in truth, I hadn’t realized that it’s been just over half a year since my last post.  What?! How did I let that happen?! A lot has transpired over the summer months but I am glad that I took some time  ( ok – a lot of time) to recharge. Summer yielded many great camping trips with my better half and pups. Last week we enjoyed a week together in the Outer Banks – and that’s when I sat down and finally had time to open up my email to the above question. I sat there on the beach listening to the waves crashing looking back over the last 6 months wondering where they went and where in the world the time went to. I knew that that when I posted my last entry that I was nearing the end of my limits. I was stretched way too thin and things in my life were starting to suffer. I spent the summer transitioning into a new job and refocused myself to the important things.

As I mentioned before we had stepped back in seeking infertility treatments to regroup, and in all honesty, it’s been nice spending the last several months without worrying about ‘what’s next.’ We have learned to focus on the ‘what’s now’ instead, and I think in doing that, you cultivate a greater ability to focus on the everyday good instead of dwelling on a dormant disappointment waiting on or even dreading the ‘what’s next.’  Last night, I started a Small Group at our church based on the book “The Grave Robber” by Mark Batterson.  It is based on seven miracles of Jesus found in the Gospel of John, showing how they are not simply something Jesus did in the past but also something He wants to do now – for you and for me.  Let that sink in for a minute.. because I am still dwelling on it too; God can do now, what He did then.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that God is listening to me when things keep going the way I think they shouldn’t. I have prayed for our miracle for over five years now, and it has been met with disappointment after disappointment. But here is the truth: it is a mistake to allow a single disappointment – or even 5 years worth of disappointments – to cause you to pull back on the reigns of faith so as to avoid the sting of disappointment again because God can do now, what he did then.

I’m the type of person who wants immediate results. But God has shown me time and again that He has His own time. He knows better than me. So even when I may not feel like He is listening, He is always working.  I know that our journey has unfolded for us more miracles that we have opened our eyes to at the time they were playing out, and this ties back into being able to focus on the ‘what’s now’ – the ‘what’ good’ – the ‘miracle along the way to our greatest miracle’ instead of fearing the sting of disappointment, because God can do now what He did then.

{ I strongly encourage you to check out the book – you can read more about it here: The Grave Robber. ]


6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Hello!!!! I loved your blog. its Amazing! I started an infertility blog a week ago.Infertility is common issues in today’s world due to environmental changes and stress.Before there was no solution to this problem and many people feel embarrassed to share this issue. Now there are n no of hospitals providing IVF treatments with new technology and advanced procedures.some of the hospitals are affordable cost as well as providing loans, so get rush into such hospitals. lead a happy life:):):)

  2. This is my 3rd IVF I am waiting for the result tomorrow has no symptoms of pregnancy it feels like anther BFN!! Every cycle goes perfect from the beginning but in the end there is no implementations……..

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